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Professor Hanaa

Professor Hanaa, a novel by Reem Bassiouney

by Reem Bassiouney

Imprint: Garnet Authors: Reem Bassiouney Translators: Laila Helmi Categories: Fiction Tags: Arab writers, Literature in Translation, Middle Eastern literature, women writers ISBN: 9781859642726 Binding: Paperback Publication Date: November 2011 RRP:

‘Today she must lose her virginity, mark five hundred papers, slap Samy soundly, then smash Abdel Hamid’s head with a hammer.’

On the eve of her fortieth birthday Egyptian academic, Professor Hanaa, finds herself alone and unloved. For twenty years she has battled with an impossible love for an unattainable colleague, and has become outcast in a society where family and friends mean everything. Her life is organised into endless routines, and her emotions are hidden behind a facade of stern, but joyless professionalism. The facade begins to crumble, however, when her birthday brings with it the realisation that she is about to turn into an embittered, forty-year-old spinster. Never one to admit defeat, Hanaa determines she will lose her virginity before her birthday, and sets her sights on Khalid, her teaching assistant. An earnest, hardworking and devout young man, Khalid is an unlikely accomplice; however Hanaa's powers of persuasion know no bounds. What ensues is a lively, witty, often sly commentary on gender and power relationships in both academia and the Arab world-a 'campus' novel of a wholly different bent.

Georgetown professor and Sawiris prize-winning author Reem Bassiouney’s PROFESSOR HANAA, is pitched as a Middle Eastern take on Oleanna and the Forty Year Old Virgin, examining the role of the single, career-driven woman in the Arab world.

About the author(s):

Reem Bassiouney

Reem Bassiouney is the author of five highly acclaimed novels in Arabic, all of which have been bestsellers in Egypt. Her second novel, The Pistachio Seller won the best Arabic translated novel award in 2009, and her novel Professor Hanaa, which appeared in Arabic in 2008, won the first prize in the Sawiris literary award, the biggest award in Egypt.

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