About Us

Garnet is an independent British publishing house that has presided over a
wide-ranging and thought-provoking list for over two decades. We have
maintained a special focus on Middle Eastern and North African issues,
expanding from that particular expertise to include distinguished books on an
extensive array of subjects.

Our non-fiction titles include works on architecture, art, cookery, current affairs,
gender politics, geopolitics, history, media, religion, sociology and many others,
and our literary fiction list has featured both established and emerging voices in
the English language as well as a great many in translation.

A selected list of non-fiction titles from Garnet would include classics from the age
of Orientalist explorers such as The Diary of T. E. Lawrence and Malise Ruthven’s
four-volume chronicle of Freya Stark’s journeys, as well as insightful studies such
as A History of the Middle East by Georges Corm and The Society of the Muslim
Brothers in Egypt by Brynjar Lia.

Amongst Garnet’s fiction titles are Wajdi al-Ahdal’s award-winning A Land
Without Jasmine; Myrto Azina Chronide’s The Experiment; Michelle
Cohen Corasanti’s best-selling The Almond Tree; Mothballs, by Alia Mamdouh;
and many others.