Becoming Plural: A Tale of Two Sudans

Richard Boggs


In July 2011, Sudan officially ‘became plural’, as the country split in two; the unofficial north – south divide between the Arabdominated north and the more ethnically African south was formalised, after the people of Southern Sudan voted overwhelmingly to separate from the rest of the country. Becoming Plural is a beautifully illustrated travelogue containing over 100 unique photographs of Sudanese people and their lives, accompanied by a first-hand narrative of what life in Sudan was really like during this critical time in its history. Richard Boggs lived and worked among the Sudanese people for many years, first coming to Sudan as a volunteer in 1986. He has lived in both Juba and Khartoum, and shared the reality of life in Sudan with the people around him. This has enabled him to provide an intimate portrait of the characteristics and values of the Sudanese people. He conveys astutely the particular circumstances in which they live, creating a record of their hopes and fears as Sudan formally breaks into two separate states. This book will have enormous appeal to those who appreciate travel writing, photography and ethnography, as well as those interested in the historic circumstances of the split between North and South Sudan.