I’m Not Done: The Story of the Man Behind the Most Successful Ad Agency in the Middle East

Akram Miknas



The name ‘Akram Miknas’ is synonymous with the birth and growth of the advertising industry in the Middle East. He embodied the styles of David Ogilvy and Leo Burnett with a flair all his own, and his vision of the industry was far more sophisticated than that of any of his contemporaries.

Miknas founded Fortune Promoseven (FP7), now the largest advertising and communications agency in the region, with six friends and $7,000 in Beirut, Lebanon in 1968. His passion, creativity and persistence have driven a perpetual winning streak: he refuses to fail. His charisma, charm and vision have helped him win clients and friends all over the world.

Today, Miknas is a diversified businessman with far-reaching interests in marketing communications, real estate, manufacturing and the food and beverage sector. He is also a dynamic and avid collector who has curated the singular Moving Image Museum in Dubai and Hollywood.

I’m Not Done is the moving story of a perennial achiever, told in his own unique voice – warm, intimate and charming. It is also a glimpse into an age of discovery in a region that needed dreamers, told by the brand man who marketed it all.