Prophet Muhammad: The First Sufi of Islam

Farzana Moon


This important book is a biographical account of Prophet Muhammad’s life, written in narrative style. It differs from other books on the subject of the Prophet Muhammad, as it touches on the Sufic aspects of his life. In this book, Farzana Moon sets out to portray the true spirit of Islam as a religion of peace and reconciliation, as practiced by the Prophet, and to correct contemporary misconceptions about this. The reader travels with Muhammad through his life and shares his most intense experiences: his love for his wife Khadijah, his passion for establishing peace in Arabia, his visions and ecstatic experiences, and his character as one of the most successful military commanders, leaders and social reformers of all time.

Farzana Moon is a poet, historian and playwright. She has published biographical accounts of Moghul emperors, such as Babur, the First Moghul in India, and Divine Akbar and Holy India, as well as plays based on stories from religion and folklore.