The Rebuttal of the Logicians

Ibn Taymiyyah



Ibn Taymiyyah’s (b. 661 AH/ 1263 CE) al-Radd alā al-Manṭiqiyyīn is a response to a discussion he had with one who strongly inclined towards philosophy. He called it Naṣīḥat ahl al-Īmān fī al-Radd alā Manṭiq al-Yūnān. Ibn Taymiyyah was certain that it was the Greek form of logical reasoning that led to the philosophical doctrines of the eternity of the universe and the subsequent debate in the Islamic world about the creation of the Qur’ān. If he could thus undermine the fundamental principles of this logical system, the philosophy erected on it would come tumbling down itself. In his view, this could be done by contesting the manner in which Greek logic forms definitions and employs syllogistic formulae to reach certitude. The Radd thus constitutes his focused, insightful and lethal attack on Aristotelian Logic.

Translators and reviewers

Dr Asadullah Yate

Dr Asadullah Yate, born in London and graduated from the University of Cambridge in 1992 is an accomplished translator of classical and modern works from Arabic, Persian, Turkish, German and French into English. His The Secret Garden (Gulshan-e Rāz of Shabistarī) was well received. He has also translated Ahmad bin al-Bashir ash-Shanqiti’s Mufid al-‘Ibād as Islam in the School of Madina. He teaches Arabic and Fiqh at the Weimar Institute in Germany, is a founding fellow of The Muslim Faculty of Advanced Studies, and is active on the shariat board of the World Islamic Mint.

Dr Sameh Mustafa Asal

Dr Sameh Mustafa Asal is a professional translator and Imam at the Hoover Crescent Islamic Center, Alabama, USA. He got his PhD from al-Azhar University where he worked for some time as Lecturer and translator. He then moved to the United States where he spends time teaching Arabic, delivering lectures and sermons and conducting community development programmes for the Muslim community.

The Editor

Dheen Mohamed

Dheen Mohamed is a Professor of Islamic Philosophy, Comparative Religion and Contemporary Quranic Studies at the Center for Muslim Contribution to Civilization (CMCC), Hamad bin Khalifa University. He specializes in Aqeedah and Islamic Philosophy from al-Azhar University and wrote his dissertation on Comparative Mysticism. He has published prolifically in the area of comparative religious studies and related methodological issues; his Fī ‘Ilm al-Dīn al-Muqāran: Maqālāt fi’l-Manhaj and al-Tasawwuf wal-Mistisizm: Dirasah Istilahiyyah were extremely well received. He is currently preparing two books on spirituality in world religions.