Through Secret Channels – The Road to Oslo: Senior PLO Leader Abu Mazen’s Revealing Story of the Negotiations With Israel

Mahmoud Abbas


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Through Secret Channels tells the story of the clandestine contacts between the Israelis and the PLO which culminated in the crucial talks in Oslo. Mahmoud Abbas, who wielded great influence form behind the scenes, also explains how the PLO negotiating team and their Israeli counterparts overcame their mutual suspicion and how, despite various setbacks, they used the freedom afforded by secrecy for frank and constructive discussion of the most fundamental problems.

Positive outcomes resulted, including Israel’s acceptance of Resolution 242, and its agreement to PLO control of Gaza and Jericho. The Declaration of Principles, which also committed Israel to future negotiations on many sensitive issues, including Jerusalem, was signed in Washington DC on 13 September 1993. This historic ‘Oslo accord’ opened the way for permanent status negotiations aimed at confirming peace and Palestine’s future in the region.

Mahmoud Abbas was born in Safad in Palestine in 1935. As a founder member of the Fatah movement he is a leading Palestinian¬† figure who devoted some twenty years to the search for a peaceful solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. He is a member of the Palestine National Council and the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and has headed the PLO’s Department for National and International Relations since 1980.